Affordable Art Fair Tickets

A large cardboard box arrived at the studio this week, full of tickets, leaflets and maps – it’s that time of year again. The Affordable Art Fair returns to Battersea Park next month and Half Moon Studio will be there again for the thirteenth (!) year.
And, of course, this is the start of the studio’s annual collective panicking – rushing to get some last minute editioning done, trying (and failing) to produce a workable hanging plan, dashing to and from the framers, etc.
Anyway, as usual, I have some free tickets for either the Charity PV evening (Wednesday 19th October) or the Gala PV evening (Thursday 20th October). The tickets will also get you in for free at any other time if you can’t make it on either of those nights.
I will be there for most of the time, if anyone wants to say hello – and don’t worry, you will be allowed to leave the stand without buying anything – all those rumours flying about last year were definitely not true….
Email me if you’d like one – first come, first served, of course….

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