A Busy Summer….

  Not much time for blogging this month…
 Rows of prints drying in the studio……

                                             Piles of finished prints ready for signing………

                                           One hundred postal tubes in the studio and ready to use ….

7 thoughts on “A Busy Summer….

  1. I'm deeply envious! Sadly I'm back in full time employment and have no energy left to do much after a 12 hour day. Oh well… Where do you get your tubes? I have an Open Studio coming up in August and am in need of some

  2. That's a bit of a bummer, Colin – full time employment is really all-consuming. Hope you're finding time for your art…
    I buy the tubes from a lovely company called Cores and Tubes(www.coresandtubes.co.uk).
    It cost me £76.50 for a hundred tubes including delivery but you can order them in batches of 20.
    Good luck with the Open Studios….

  3. Crikey Gail that is an awful lot of tubes 🙂
    I have shied away from posting prints (procrastinating really!) as I wasn't sure how to pack them properly so they arrive at their destination quite fresh. How do you pack yours?

  4. Hi Jacqui,
    Firstly I use a much narrower tube as a guide to roll the print up in (which I then remove) – this helps to prevent creases.
    I then roll the rolled-up print in a sheet of tissue paper laid diagonally. This allows some excess tissue to remain at each end which I then crumple up – these bits act as a cushion against the postal tube ends.
    If you roll up the print and just drop it straight in the tube, it will expand and become very difficult to get out again. It's important to encase it with something that has something to enable you to pull the print out with. Tissue paper is good as it's so light.
    Also by wrapping it this way you don't need to use tape to secure the rolled print as the tissue holds it well enough without it.
    Hope this helps – it's not easy to describe and you probably know all this already!

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