A Little Tour of the Studio….

Here is the main building – an impressive Art Deco ex-Marconi factory rising up out of the wilderness of Victorian terraces that is South East London. Can you imagine getting planning permission for something like this now?

 And here is where our studio is situated – the not-quite-so-impressive back extension, which I would guess was probably built in the 1960’s. Oh well, at least there’s parking and the skips are handy….

                     The front door to Unit B23, Half Moon Studio, where all the magic happens …


                                 My section of the studio – possibly in need of a bit of a tidy….

                                          Yes, it definitely could do with a little something…

And here is my beloved press, an 1841 Albion – bought on eBay a decade ago, lashed upright to the back of a trailer in Norfolk and delivered to my London studio ( then in a garage – I’ve since moved up in the world…..)

Looking across the width of the space towards the back wall of windows- as you can see, there is a distinct lack of housekeeping in all parts of the studio. We studiously ignore that side of things…..

 We feel strongly here that we need plants in the studio to help with the air quality – poor babies…..

And finally here is our view over West Norwood Cemetery – 40 acres of it and still used today – a nice daily reminder of the general shortness of life and how it’s best to get on with it before it’s too late….

One thought on “A Little Tour of the Studio….

  1. Thanks for sharing this Gail, I love the press, and seeing the space you work in to produce your beautiful prints. And housekeeping is not important, I never do any! And my 'studio' is the dining table…

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