Lino Cuttings

Here is a carefully arranged heap of discarded lino bits…..

One thought on “Lino Cuttings

  1. Hello Gail

    you have come through on one of my 'Google alerts' again – I like dipping in and out of your blog ocassionally as I do.
    Love seeing the inked up plates and I was thinking maybe like seeing that, even more than the finished pieces but I think only another printmaker would understand that kind of feeling.
    I agree with you what you say (Thank God for Galleries -post) about what a pain in the butt everything else is, in relation to "just getting on with making your prints" !!!

    I have been offered to have a solo show at a newly opened gallery (UK) but don't know what to do about it – and of course in the current economic climate – will they still be in business in 2011 …?? I suppose we just have to believe that things WILL turn out for the best.

    Can't you guys get a grant to insulate your print studio – Having had my small room done – it does make a difference. It was so unbearably cold prior to this.

    best wishes


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