The Little World of Printmaking

The printmaking world is a small one, especially in London, and an artist’s working life is rather solitary, so generally it’s great to feel part of a community.
Of course, as in any group of people, everybody knows everything about everyone – a bit like living in a village, I’d imagine. So while it’s great when you have some success – word gets around without you having to stoop so low as to mention it yourself – there’s always a downside.
Cringingly, everyone gets to know about the other stuff as well – the things you’d rather keep quiet about – all those rejections and setbacks that come from working in such a competitive field. (Suffice it to say, I won’t dwell on the less than spectacular parts of my working life right now.)
What’s brought this on? Submission for the UK’s national open print exhibition, Originals, is here again and I’ve just spent this freezing cold, snow-bound day at home, framing, packing and form filling, that’s what…

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