Another Epic Printmaking Tale

                       I would like to have called this post ‘Destruction, Suffering and Redemption’
                      (or to put it another way, ‘I Don’t Know What Gets Into Me, Really I Don’t….’)
                                                          So anyway, here goes…..

                           Above is the original version of my linocut ‘Destination Anywhere’.

                    The first block, which was originally printed in dark blue, but now is turquoise….

      The second block stays red but I feel the figures need shadows to stop them floating in mid-air …


                         In that case, there’s nothing for it but to cut a whole new second block…

Moving on, I decide that the fourth and final block should move up the printing order to third place.                  So here it is inked up, in what is now pale yellow but was originally orange….

             At this point I decide I’d quite like a pale yellow sky too and so I remove the original       
           sky area and glue in a new section. Then I have to cut out the detail to match the rest….

     And finally here is the last block with a big 4 written on it, to remind myself that it is not now the               third block printed in pale yellow but the fourth block printed in pale blue……

  And here is the new version – I’m not sure if it was all worth it or not but I should be able to tell once I’ve been released from the sanitorium…

6 thoughts on “Another Epic Printmaking Tale

  1. I like both! The first is so colorful and the shadows on the second really work. I know, printmaking can make you crazy trying to keep everything in order! And it's hard work! Great job on these.

  2. Love the shadows, though I think I prefer the yellowness of the first version – maybe.
    I'm sure there must be some kind of self help group… you know, a mentor you could phone in those dark moments – "move away from the lino Gail".
    Great work as usual, so don't stop – just have to learn not to give yourself such a hard time.

  3. I should think you were totally losing the will to live!! The result of all that cutting and changes is great – I like the strong colours of the new one but the first one is lovely too.

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