New Print – Rectifying Mistakes (part two)

Here are two proofs, one with a turquoise floor and one with a pale green one.
Of course, once I’d printed them, it was blindingly obvious that what was needed was a dark floor instead.

So then out came the repair kit (stanley knive, super glue, wood filler and sandpaper, in case you were wondering…)
I had to splice in a whole new floor section – from the left is the front view, then the back view and finally, the goth boots drawn back and ready to cut again. A piece of cake, really (joke).

2 thoughts on “New Print – Rectifying Mistakes (part two)

  1. Love the colours! Almost has a thirties feel, were it not for the clothes & hairstyles. I especially like the "easy" way you replaced the bit you didn't like. A fine example of the infinite patience of printmakers… How long did the whole process take?

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