Oh dear…. (part two)

I know I should have finished this how-to by now but I’ve had a crisis of confidence…..
It always happens – I reach a point where I feel I can go no further with a print and so the next step is to edition it. This I do, generally feeling quite pleased with myself…..
Then, with the print finally hanging up to dry, I’ll take a quick look and it’s like a fog has lifted. I suddenly see the mistakes, and worse, all the ways in which it could have been so much better.
By this time, (generally the day after finishing the editioning, but sometimes after a cup of tea) it’s far too late to do anything about it and I just put the prints away in a drawer and forget about them for a while.
Of course, this isn’t possible when the print has featured in a series of blog entries so for now, I’ll do an on-line version of putting it away and just leave a photo of it drying in the studio….
Looking on the bright side though I do have a title – it’s called Two Tribes….

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