Artists’ Statements

What’s with galleries and written artists’ statements/CV’s? In the age of the internet, why do they always need them?

It’s got to be the worst job – writing drivel about your own work. If I’d wanted to express myself in words, I’d have got myself an English degree and then written some stuff.

And don’t get me started on CV’s – those endless lists of solo shows (if you’re lucky), group shows, awards, residencies, etc., that go back years and years. That is, until the artist feels that’s quite far enough, just in case anyone guesses their age.

I wonder if I could come over all grand and announce that I don’t do CV’s, artists statements or any other associated time-wasting activities. “So sorry but my statement is my work, darling….”

One thought on “Artists’ Statements

  1. Oof, I hate writing artists' statements – and I even am a writer, too. It's just that no matter what we write and no matter how sincere we are, we inevitably sound pretentious and ridiculous. I like your solution: "Just look at the work. What else do you need to know, for goodness sake?!"

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