New Camera Experiments

I have a new camera for photographing my work and I thought I’d try it out first – and what better way could there be than with an over excited dog at the beach? A baptism of fire doesn’t quite cover it…

                           Oh dear, he seems to have run miles away – come back here at ONCE….

                                 PLEASE keep still – there’s a photographer trying to work here….

                        Well, that could have been a really great photo but we’ll never know now….

That’s an excellent idea – just keep a really, REALLY tight grip…..

           …..and hold his beloved ball six inches away from his nose and out of shot. Sorted.

4 thoughts on “New Camera Experiments

  1. That is a fine looking beach, Gail – and a crazy looking dog. He seems to have a big nose for a Poodle… now don't let Casper read this. I don't want to give him a complex. How old is he?

  2. He looks a lovely big boy and dogs are allowed to go crazy on a good long beach.
    The other day our Bearded Collie, Phoebe, had a mad turn and ran off into the sea and would NOT come back! She ran for 3 hours, swam across a river and had to be rescued by a workman working on the sea wall who spotted her and managed to grab her as the tide came in and she was exhausted on a sandbank. Little devil!

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