Private Views – the low-down

I have three Private Views coming up in the week ahead and the first is on tonight. The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers is holding their Annual Exhibition at Bankside Gallery. If you fancy looking at interesting prints with a glass of wine, then why not come along? It’s on from 6-8 tonight, right next to Tate Modern.
The other two are for a Half Moon Studio group show at the Rectory Gallery in Spitalfields – the first is on next Wednesday – but more on that later.
In the meantime, here is an earlier post of mine about PV’s:

private views

Alas, I have a couple of Private Views to go to in the next couple of weeks, one of mine, and one I’ve been invited to. I always feel I have to go, although I’m not in my element.
For a start, asking people to your PV is a minefield. You don’t want them to feel any obligation to buy anything – they probably wouldn’t come if they thought they’d be subjected to a hard sell. But if they don’t buy, then really what’s the point? Just a bit of moral support, I suppose, and a knees-up for one and all at your expense….
Even if it’s not your own exhibition, Private Views can still be a bit of a nightmare. If they’re busy, then the artist friend or gallery owner who’s invited you only has time to wave at you before going off to schmooze the next (proper) customer.
Then you’re left there looking at the work (which takes 15 mins max) and nursing a warm glass of something which should be cold, all the while trying to look interested and full of admiration.
But believe me, it’s a thousand times worse if no-one turns up…..
Come to think of it, this is quite a nifty idea, re-hashing old blog posts. I can see some Flashback Fridays coming on…

One thought on “Private Views – the low-down

  1. Hi Gail I havent visited here and ages and I must say what you wrote about PV's sure rings true – to some of my experiences.

    I cant help but feel that if you were to enable the

    "Follow By Email" gadget in the LAYOUT area of your Dashboard.
    Then it would be much easier for me to keep informed when you create a new post on your blog.

    If you do get this set up ( its very easy) then please do email me and let me know [email protected]

    Please also mention name of your blog as I find myself having to ask a lot of people to enable this gadget. I wish Google would contact all their bloggers to point this possibility out to them …………………hare's hopping
    best wishes

    Aine Scannell

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