A Solo Show in Cambridge


I have a new solo exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary Artthis month. It’s called ‘Destinations and Departures’ and is on until 24thNovember. I have both prints and paintings on show, and I must say, it looks pretty good, mostly due to the expert hanging, of course.

Unfortunately, getting to the Private View turned out to be a bit of a marathon. We left London on Friday afternoon at 4pm, expecting to arrive at 5.15pm, looking forward to a quiet drink and a light meal before the opening. Unfortunately the gods had something else in mind for us and after a litany of misfortunes – the usual downpours, accidents, and breakdowns (other cars, and my mental state), we finally arrived at 7.20, a good ten minutes before the end. I had only time to throw down a glass of wine and talk to the handful of visitors remaining. Apparently there had been a queue to get in – I could have been like a film star on the red carpet, only I was stuck on the motorway….

At least it won’t be so bad getting home to London, we thought. After all, that Friday night traffic will be going the other way – but we reckoned without the police completely closing the M11, due to yet another accident. Still, I mustn’t complain, as we had a lovely drive down narrow A roads, along with all the other motorway traffic, and finally arrived home at 10.25, a round trip of six and a half hours.
To cap it all, my official photographer (aka partner) had a streaming cold and had been unable to lift his weary arms to take many photos, or even focus the camera properly….
Here is a photo of me with some of the wonderful team who work at the gallery – I would like to point out that I am actually 5’8” and have never felt short in my life, but looking at this picture, I look like a hobbit. Oh well…
And, looking on the bright side, all that sitting in queues on the motorway has given me some inspiration for a new print – looking towards the Blackwall Tunnel, on the A102. There’s always a silver lining….

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