New print for Ealing show

I’m back in the studio this week (cold and gloomy – and that’s both me and the studio, if anyone’s asking…) working on a new linocut. This time it’s of Ealing Common Tube Station – here’s a few pictures of work in progress.
The first image is a set of four proofs from which I need choose one to develop further, hopefully morphing into a fantastically popular print. Well, a girl can dream…
It’s actually for a two person exhibition I’m having with Louise Davies in a few months time, at a lovely gallery called For Art’s Sake in Ealing, London W5.
And for any London Underground nerds out there (and I definitely fall into that category myself, in case you hadn’t noticed…) the building was built in the early 1930’s by Charles Holden in a style very like his Northern Line ones, such as Balham. It’s constructed in Portland stone and features a tall heptagonal ticket hall with glazed screens to all sides – seriously, I’m swooning as I write this….

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A Solo Show in Cambridge


I have a new solo exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary Artthis month. It’s called ‘Destinations and Departures’ and is on until 24thNovember. I have both prints and paintings on show, and I must say, it looks pretty good, mostly due to the expert hanging, of course.

Unfortunately, getting to the Private View turned out to be a bit of a marathon. We left London on Friday afternoon at 4pm, expecting to arrive at 5.15pm, looking forward to a quiet drink and a light meal before the opening. Unfortunately the gods had something else in mind for us and after a litany of misfortunes – the usual downpours, accidents, and breakdowns (other cars, and my mental state), we finally arrived at 7.20, a good ten minutes before the end. I had only time to throw down a glass of wine and talk to the handful of visitors remaining. Apparently there had been a queue to get in – I could have been like a film star on the red carpet, only I was stuck on the motorway….

At least it won’t be so bad getting home to London, we thought. After all, that Friday night traffic will be going the other way – but we reckoned without the police completely closing the M11, due to yet another accident. Still, I mustn’t complain, as we had a lovely drive down narrow A roads, along with all the other motorway traffic, and finally arrived home at 10.25, a round trip of six and a half hours.
To cap it all, my official photographer (aka partner) had a streaming cold and had been unable to lift his weary arms to take many photos, or even focus the camera properly….
Here is a photo of me with some of the wonderful team who work at the gallery – I would like to point out that I am actually 5’8” and have never felt short in my life, but looking at this picture, I look like a hobbit. Oh well…
And, looking on the bright side, all that sitting in queues on the motorway has given me some inspiration for a new print – looking towards the Blackwall Tunnel, on the A102. There’s always a silver lining….

The Rectory Gallery in Spitalfields

Half Moon Studio is having an exhibition in a rather special setting – at the Rectory Gallery in Spitalfields. This is the result of a collaboration between Andy Rider, Rector of the historic Hawksmoor Christ Church and Jill Hutchings of the Curwen Gallery in Fitzrovia, to show contemporary art within a period setting. The exhibitions are organised by the Curwen and are aimed at supporting interesting and fresh art projects.
The Rectory (at 2, Fournier St, London E1 6QE) is a largely original 1720″s Hawksmoor building and the gallery is in the panelled Georgian reception rooms on the ground floor. Through an impressive doorway, is a grand hallway with a magnificent staircase, leading upwards to a private living area, and downwards to the church office. On the left are two sitting rooms, now transformed into one long open gallery space, yet retaining their Georgian splendour and atmospheric traces of a domestic space.
As this is the Rector’s private home, it is only open by appointment, outside of the PV’s and First Thursdays.
First Thursdays is a route through the East End of art events and gallery tours on the first Thursday of every month and as our exhibition is on for two months, we have two, on 6th June and 4th July 1-9pm).

If you can’t do any of these dates and would still be interested in coming along for a viewing, please make an appointment with the Curwen Gallery, by phoning 020 7323 4700 or by emailing [email protected].

In any case, I will be there for the Private View this Sunday afternoon (19th May 2-4pm). Please come along and say hello! 

old rectory spitalfields

New Exhibition – Where’s the Original?

We at London Printmakers are having a new exhibition at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern). Here’s the blurb:

The spotlight is on a question so many people ask of a printmaker: WHERE’S THE ORIGINAL? And the answer is, there isn’t one! Printmakers, who create Etchings, Lithographs and Linocuts, work directly onto the printing surface, using drawings, sketches and even paintings for reference. This is not a method for reproduction of an original, but a “conversation with the medium”, a creative process that with time and expertise gives a unique result. 
This is an exhibition of professional artists showing limited edition prints, paintings and the sketches and reference drawings that inspired the works. These artists are: Karen Keogh; Carole Hensher; Susie Perring; Sonia Rollo; Trevor Price; Jazmin Velasco; Colin Moore; Gail Brodholt; Veta Gorner; Frank Kiely; Louise Davies and Mychael Barratt.

Anyway, it opens on the 5th September and the Private View is on Thursday 6th September 6-8. Please come along and say hello (and if you do feel the urge to buy something, please make sure it’s mine…)

Getting Ready For The New Show

There’s the usual mild panic in the studio (or in some cases, not so mild) as we’re busy getting ready for our new London Printmakers exhibition, which is opening next week at Bankside Gallery on London’s Southbank.
We’ve decided to call it ‘Where’s the Original?‘ as that’s a question all printmakers get asked. The idea is that we try to explain how the print itself is the original and that there is no other artwork (a painting, for example) from which the print has been taken.
It seemed like a good idea at the time but it’s been more difficult than I had anticipated, trying to provide an insight into how I arrive at the finished print, and then finding a way to display it on the walls of the gallery, in a clear and visually interesting manner.

In the end, I decided to frame up a working drawing (above) and a series of printing stages (below), neither of which I’m entirely happy to inflict on anyone. Still, someone always has to suffer in the name of Art and it might as well be the viewer…..

Current Exhibitions

The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers’ Annual Exhibition has started at Bankside Gallery in London. It’s on for another three weeks, until Saturday 9th June. This show is always worth seeing, especially if you’re interested in printmaking, as there is a huge variety of techniques and styles on display. All the work is for sale at really competitive prices.
During the exhibition, I will be taking part in a Meet the Artist session (with Angie Lewin) on Sunday 27th May – more on this later…

And it’s the last week for the London Calling show at Cambridge Contemporary Art– ends on Sunday 20th May. Lots of London themed work from the likes of Paul Catherall, Frank Kiely and me too, obviously. Drop in if you’re in the area…

This is a linocut called Midnight Cowboy, available framed only from Cambridge Contemporary Art.

London Printmakers at the National Theatre

 A few photos from Thursday’s Private View of the London Printmakers Exhibition at the National Theatre on Thursday evening – I really will have to go back and take some more……

                                                          The exhibition banner in the foyer….

                                  Colin Moore and Veta Gorner, in front of Colin’s linocuts.

                       And Susie Perring explaining the finer points of her etching, Holiday Tree……

                              The show is on every day until 21st April and entrance is free.

New Ashgate Gallery

I took a drive down to Farnham in Surrey the other day to deliver some prints for the New Ashgate gallery’s summer show. It’s only forty-odd miles away but, goodness me, getting out of London is such a slog – A23 south, then on to the M25 (oh joy) and then along the A3 to Guildford. Just an hour and forty minutes to you, Madam.
But never mind, it was worth it as Farnham is so pretty! Lots of lovely Georgian buildings and even a castle – I was truly smitten.
I guess if you were to live in a similar place in London, it would cost you many millions of pounds – Hampstead perhaps? For the first time in my life, I really started to seriously consider the benefits of moving out of London – must be my age…
Anyway, this is what I have on show there, if anyone is in the area.