City of Gold

Just to say that the London Printmakers‘ exhibition at the Oxo gallery on the Southbank is only on for another week – the last day is Sunday 22nd May. Opening hours are every day from 11-6, admission free.
I have a few copies of City of Gold available at the show, if anyone is interested in acquiring one, but – I’m pleased to say – the edition is selling out fast…

Lino Wrestling

Newly arrived through the post is a five metre roll of lino from Lawrence Art Supplies

It’s so long that the only place that I can unroll it properly is in our hall at home.
With the helpful supervision of the dog, of course……

Next I spend a few happy hours on my knees, with a steel rule, set square and Stanley knife, cutting it into more manageable sections (and with hardly any weeping, swearing or shouting).

Finally, weary and battle-scarred, I stagger upstairs with it all and store it under the bed…..

Well, another vital job done and definitely worth a large glass of wine, I think….

This Saturday at the Oxo Gallery

London Printmakers have a new show on at the Oxo Gallery on the South Bank and I will be there, manning the gallery all day this Saturday (7th May) from 11am – 6pm.

I would really like to be able to say that that there will be fireworks, champagne and celebrities, but unfortunately no – there will only be two tired and slightly emotional printmakers present, but please do come along anyway and brighten our day….