Originals 10

I have two linocuts on show at Originals 10 at the Mall Galleries in London. It’s on from Thursday 25th March until Saturday 3rd April, 10 – 5. Admission £2.50, children free.
Originals is the annual contemporary printmaking show and as I was up in town today, I popped in to see it – there really is a lively and varied range of work.
It’s well worth a visit, especially as the Mall Gallery also has a bookshop and a little cafe – what more could you ask for? (Not at all sure about the new frosted glass cubicles in the loos, though….)

In Praise of Galleries

I love working in my studio, especially when I’m planning something new. There’s nothing like pulling the first proof off the press, even if it’s a disaster. I like editioning too – there’s something very satisfying about a pile of finished prints, ready to go out to galleries (or more likely, ready to go straight into the plan chest).
But what I’m not so keen on is having to sell my own work. I don’t like invigilating at exhibitions or sitting at art fair stands.
I’m not a natural salesperson, and I find it all very tiring, especially when answering questions like “How long did that take?” or “When I was at school I was good at art” or even “Have you got that in a bigger size/different colour?” Every now and again I have to sit in the stock cupboard for a bit of a breather….
So anyway, I’m really happy to pay my galleries’ commission to sell my work and then I can go back to what I do best – hiding in my studio…..

New Print – Progress Proof

This is a quick photo (sorry about the flash) taken of the three blocks printed together, using purple (instead of the original brown), pale blue-grey, and crimson (instead of the original scarlet). The last block has now been cut and I’ll probably print it in yellow and/or orange.
I did think it might be interesting to chart the progress of a linocut being made but actually it’s been a bit repetitive.
Well, I guess I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…..

Glasgow Art Fair

Glasgow Art Fair is upon us and the studio is mostly a hive of activity – we can hardly move for bubble wrap, frames and piles of prints everywhere.
Speaking personally, I like to leave everything to the last minute and will most probably give myself a nervous breakdown instead….
Anyway, I have a limited number of tickets for the Private View on Wednesday 24th March 6.30-9.00 or the Corporate View on Thursday 25th March 7.00-9.00 if anyone would like one ( the tickets admit two). Just email me with your details if you’re interested….