New Studio Member, Karen Keogh

Great excitement at Half Moon Studio – our friend and esteemed colleague, Karen Keogh, has joined our merry band of printmakers.
She is a fantastic artist, using three plates in her etchings, which are tricky to say the least, but she produces the most subtle colours and tones.
This is an example of Karen’s work, called Burnt River.

London Original Print Fair

I’m showing a couple of prints on the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers’ stand here this weekend, (Metroland and Midnight Cowboy, since you ask… ).
It’s situated in the main rooms of the Royal Academy and is a wonderful show. You can see work from the heady heights of Picasso and Goya, all the way down to, well, me. Honestly, though, go and see it – it’s well worth the trip.

Art Fairs

The studio is yet again in turmoil with the Glasgow Art Fair coming up. Our working year is punctuated by the same large scale events rolling by – Originals in January, Glasgow in March/April, London Original Print Fair in April, RA Summer Exhibition in June, and so on.
It seems that no sooner has one finished but that another looms up on the horizon. Oh, well…