Affordable Art Fair Hanging Day

                                                               Work going in the van…

                                                                     Ready to start….

                                                                  One wall done…

                                                                  Nearly finished….

                                                             All done – time to go home….

Affordable Art Fair Free Tickets

It’s October again and I have a stack of free tickets to give away for the Affordable Art Fair – it’s on from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th October in Battersea Park.

When that large cardboard box full of tickets, maps and leaflets arrives in the studio, we all know it’s time for our annual collective panicking. Where’s my hanging plan? Have I got enough new work? Have you seen the framing gun? Have I got enough postcards? Where’s the roll of acetate? Who’s stolen the browsers?
And I’ve decided to add a new element to this fevered atmosphere by suddenly switching from my usual black frames to white. (Obviously because I felt I needed more stress….)

Anyway, the free tickets are for either the Charity PV evening (Wednesday 24th October) or the Gala PV evening (Thursday 25th October). The tickets will also get you in for free at any other time if you can’t make it on either of those nights.

Email me if you’d like one – and let me know your address and which day you’d prefer (or if you don’t mind because you’d like to come at the weekend…)