Train stations for Artchain

And here is the second of five days of posting images of work for#artchain . This is a small selection of my London train station paintings – Farringdon is up first, then Kings Cross, and the last three are of my favourite, London Bridge.
I’m not sure I’ll get all five days done by the end of the week – I’m running a bit behind schedule as it’s now Thursday evening and I should have posted four days worth of images by now. Doesn’t time fly…

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Free Giveaway for January

How about brightening up this gloomy January – with a free Giveaway on Twitter? You can enter to win this linocut (called Stormy Weather and retailing at £150) by following me on Twitter (@gailbrodholt). Then all you have to do is retweet one of my tweets that refers to this offer.
I have to admit that I was a bit of a late convert to Twitter. It always seemed so rowdy and superficial – not to mention all that mob mentality (happily I’ve yet to come across a Troll.) But actually I find it informative and friendly. So perhaps this is as good a time as any for all you Twitter-refuseniks out there, to dip your toes in the water and give it a go!


New print for Ealing show

I’m back in the studio this week (cold and gloomy – and that’s both me and the studio, if anyone’s asking…) working on a new linocut. This time it’s of Ealing Common Tube Station – here’s a few pictures of work in progress.
The first image is a set of four proofs from which I need choose one to develop further, hopefully morphing into a fantastically popular print. Well, a girl can dream…
It’s actually for a two person exhibition I’m having with Louise Davies in a few months time, at a lovely gallery called For Art’s Sake in Ealing, London W5.
And for any London Underground nerds out there (and I definitely fall into that category myself, in case you hadn’t noticed…) the building was built in the early 1930’s by Charles Holden in a style very like his Northern Line ones, such as Balham. It’s constructed in Portland stone and features a tall heptagonal ticket hall with glazed screens to all sides – seriously, I’m swooning as I write this….

10898164_10152568729951603_6465313179544523011_n 10906404_10152568729666603_2433077522499155547_n 10922480_10152568728731603_6838700899377583733_n 10922626_10152568729206603_5979137683964419993_n 10407415_10152568729476603_145876000201714674_n