Farewell, then, Affordable Art Fair….




More from the AAF

This year my big plan was to blog every day from the Affordable Art Fair, with exciting news and gossip, pictures of celebrities – last year we had Rob Brydon – and all sorts of interesting observations –  “and now from our intrepid reporter at the scene….” That sort of thing.
But I can’t – my feet hurt too much…

The Ebb and Flow of an Art Fair

                                          Last night’s private view – all set at to go 5.30..

                                         A few people are drifting by, half an hour later….

                                         Half way through and it’s filling up – thank goodness…..

                                          Excellent – it’s as busy as always…..

Hanging Day at the Affordable….

Susie Perring‘s work to the left, mine to the right, and you can just see one of Colin Moore‘s in the browser at the front….

A close-up of my work with my linocut, West End Girl, in the middle, and some of my oil paintings to the right ….

The lovely Trevor, who helps us hang the stand every year, with Sonia Rollo‘s work to the right…

And here is Louise Davies‘ work, with three of her oil paintings, surrounded by her etchings….

I’ll post some more photos tomorrow of the first of the two Private Views.

Things To Do This Weekend

1. Sort out my unframed prints.
2. Clean and trim them.
3. Cut some backing board.
4. Sign and number the prints.
5. Wrap in acetate.
6. Label and price them.
7. Divide them into two piles – one for the browsers and one for the store cupboard.
8. Take them back to the studio ready to take to the Affordable Art Fair.
9. Sell them all.
10. Start world domination.