New Exhibition – Where’s the Original?

We at London Printmakers are having a new exhibition at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern). Here’s the blurb:

The spotlight is on a question so many people ask of a printmaker: WHERE’S THE ORIGINAL? And the answer is, there isn’t one! Printmakers, who create Etchings, Lithographs and Linocuts, work directly onto the printing surface, using drawings, sketches and even paintings for reference. This is not a method for reproduction of an original, but a “conversation with the medium”, a creative process that with time and expertise gives a unique result. 
This is an exhibition of professional artists showing limited edition prints, paintings and the sketches and reference drawings that inspired the works. These artists are: Karen Keogh; Carole Hensher; Susie Perring; Sonia Rollo; Trevor Price; Jazmin Velasco; Colin Moore; Gail Brodholt; Veta Gorner; Frank Kiely; Louise Davies and Mychael Barratt.

Anyway, it opens on the 5th September and the Private View is on Thursday 6th September 6-8. Please come along and say hello (and if you do feel the urge to buy something, please make sure it’s mine…)

Getting Ready For The New Show

There’s the usual mild panic in the studio (or in some cases, not so mild) as we’re busy getting ready for our new London Printmakers exhibition, which is opening next week at Bankside Gallery on London’s Southbank.
We’ve decided to call it ‘Where’s the Original?‘ as that’s a question all printmakers get asked. The idea is that we try to explain how the print itself is the original and that there is no other artwork (a painting, for example) from which the print has been taken.
It seemed like a good idea at the time but it’s been more difficult than I had anticipated, trying to provide an insight into how I arrive at the finished print, and then finding a way to display it on the walls of the gallery, in a clear and visually interesting manner.

In the end, I decided to frame up a working drawing (above) and a series of printing stages (below), neither of which I’m entirely happy to inflict on anyone. Still, someone always has to suffer in the name of Art and it might as well be the viewer…..

London Printmakers at the National Theatre – Ends Saturday!

The frontispiece to the exhibition, featuring my linocut West End Girls.
Here are some of Carole Hensher’s  lithographs.

And Martin Ridgwell’s etchings.

 Veta Gorner’s etchings.

Trevor Price’s etchings.

Mychael Barratt’s etchings.

Sonia Rollo’s etchings.

Colin Moore’s linocuts.

Susie Perring’s etchings.


Jazmin Velasco’s relief prints with letterpress.

Karen Keogh’s etchings.


Louise Davies’ etchings with collograph.

And because I forgot to take any photos of my own work, here is the banner in the National Theatre foyer.


London Printmakers at the National Theatre

 A few photos from Thursday’s Private View of the London Printmakers Exhibition at the National Theatre on Thursday evening – I really will have to go back and take some more……

                                                          The exhibition banner in the foyer….

                                  Colin Moore and Veta Gorner, in front of Colin’s linocuts.

                       And Susie Perring explaining the finer points of her etching, Holiday Tree……

                              The show is on every day until 21st April and entrance is free.

City of Gold

Just to say that the London Printmakers‘ exhibition at the Oxo gallery on the Southbank is only on for another week – the last day is Sunday 22nd May. Opening hours are every day from 11-6, admission free.
I have a few copies of City of Gold available at the show, if anyone is interested in acquiring one, but – I’m pleased to say – the edition is selling out fast…

This Saturday at the Oxo Gallery

London Printmakers have a new show on at the Oxo Gallery on the South Bank and I will be there, manning the gallery all day this Saturday (7th May) from 11am – 6pm.

I would really like to be able to say that that there will be fireworks, champagne and celebrities, but unfortunately no – there will only be two tired and slightly emotional printmakers present, but please do come along anyway and brighten our day….

Post Exhibition Blues

So now it’s all over – the show is down and finished.
It has been a tremendous focus of energy for the last couple of months.
For instance:
Endless emails flying back and forth.
Designing and printing the invites, posters and flyers.
Allocating jobs and drawing up the rotas for sittings.
Organising the private view.
Choosing the hanging team – decisiveness being a key attribute, no ditherers allowed.
Getting the sales desk together – cash box, credit card machine, invoice book.
And so on and on – you get the picture….
Then there’s the small matter of keeping a disparate group of artist-exhibitors happy and still talking to one another at the end of it all. I’m thinking of those little niggles that can become open warfare before you know it.
For instance:
The polite but steely comments to a fellow exhibitor on how much space that particular piece of work of theirs takes up (less than polite when out of ear shot, obviously).
The jostling for the best wall spaces and then discussing who has crammed their work in (to the detriment of said work, obviously).
The all important question of who will sell and what (it doesn’t matter how friendly we normally are with our fellow exhibitors, a great deal of surreptitious totting up goes on in the vicinity of the sales book, again obviously).
Oh, the drama of it all – I love it…..

Last Weekend at the Oxo Gallery

After three busy weeks, it is the final weekend for the London Printmakers exhibition at the Oxo gallery.
Here are a few photos of last Sunday, when I was invigilating the show with my colleague, Karen Keogh. It was very busy all day. As the gallery is right on the South Bank, between the London Eye and Tate Modern, it consequently has a tremendous footfall. Lots of people pass by and just seem to drop in (and hopefully then buy something).
Anyway, if anyone is in the neighbourhood, please come and say hello….