New Exhibition – Where’s the Original?

We at London Printmakers are having a new exhibition at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern). Here’s the blurb:

The spotlight is on a question so many people ask of a printmaker: WHERE’S THE ORIGINAL? And the answer is, there isn’t one! Printmakers, who create Etchings, Lithographs and Linocuts, work directly onto the printing surface, using drawings, sketches and even paintings for reference. This is not a method for reproduction of an original, but a “conversation with the medium”, a creative process that with time and expertise gives a unique result. 
This is an exhibition of professional artists showing limited edition prints, paintings and the sketches and reference drawings that inspired the works. These artists are: Karen Keogh; Carole Hensher; Susie Perring; Sonia Rollo; Trevor Price; Jazmin Velasco; Colin Moore; Gail Brodholt; Veta Gorner; Frank Kiely; Louise Davies and Mychael Barratt.

Anyway, it opens on the 5th September and the Private View is on Thursday 6th September 6-8. Please come along and say hello (and if you do feel the urge to buy something, please make sure it’s mine…)

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