1000 Londoners…and me

Very pleased to see the 1000 Londoners Project has released the video of me talking (pontificating?) about my work, filmed by my very talented (and long-suffering) son Alex. It was selected to be showcased at the V&A Museum as part of London Design Festival. Alex and I had to go up on stage for a Q&A session at the end – surprisingly not as nerve-wracking as it sounds!

On camera

So I had this rather brilliant idea – why not ask my middle son to make another film of me working at a linocut in the studio? Only this time I would actually speak some words (preferably wise ones) to camera.
Well, all I can say is it’s been a rather difficult few days. Who knew I had a voice like a guinea pig squeaking? Or that my hair looks like a bird’s nest from the back. And just don’t mention my elbows. Or my nose….
Anyway, putting aside my battered vanity, here’s a short excerpt: