Snow, snow

And here’s day three, of five, for #artchain – some winter scenes from my all-too-brief but happy Snow Phase.
I’m wondering if I’m supposed to actually post these images on five consecutive days? I hope not, because at the rate I’m going, I won’t be finished until Christmas. Perhaps I should have saved these until then

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New print for Ealing show

I’m back in the studio this week (cold and gloomy – and that’s both me and the studio, if anyone’s asking…) working on a new linocut. This time it’s of Ealing Common Tube Station – here’s a few pictures of work in progress.
The first image is a set of four proofs from which I need choose one to develop further, hopefully morphing into a fantastically popular print. Well, a girl can dream…
It’s actually for a two person exhibition I’m having with Louise Davies in a few months time, at a lovely gallery called For Art’s Sake in Ealing, London W5.
And for any London Underground nerds out there (and I definitely fall into that category myself, in case you hadn’t noticed…) the building was built in the early 1930’s by Charles Holden in a style very like his Northern Line ones, such as Balham. It’s constructed in Portland stone and features a tall heptagonal ticket hall with glazed screens to all sides – seriously, I’m swooning as I write this….

10898164_10152568729951603_6465313179544523011_n 10906404_10152568729666603_2433077522499155547_n 10922480_10152568728731603_6838700899377583733_n 10922626_10152568729206603_5979137683964419993_n 10407415_10152568729476603_145876000201714674_n


Urban beauty

So here is my latest linocut – a view of the Croydon Underpass. I know it’s not particularly impressive but I’ve always been fond of it as a typical piece of sixties municipal architecture.
Even the Wikipedia entry is modest – the most they manage is to say is that it’s quite near to that other neglected gem, the Croydon Flyover.
Anyway, as I’d found this one a bit tricky, I decided to give the Vehicular Art a bit of a rest.
Until the other day, that is, when I saw a very promising stretch of the South Circular….


Wrestling with cars

Lately I’ve come to realise that cars and caravans (especially caravans) are boring, ugly and completely devoid of any elegance.
I have had – and you may be ahead of me here – a difficult few weeks wrestling with my Croydon Underpass linocut but I think I’m ready to edition it now. At last…

10341480_10152191946771603_7924385235473399314_n 10447729_10152159832751603_2322514193867211631_n 10460107_10152143713806603_6165266817711305160_n 10505542_10152191945811603_2078668247977599323_n-2

Yet Another Printmaking Odyssey…

While sitting in the usual queue of traffic on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel, I had an idea – what could be a nicer subject for a new linocut, than a view of the A102? If only I’d known….


So off I go, sketching out a rough plan – who knew cars were so difficult to draw?


The working drawing is coming along – did I mention all those cars? There are SO many….



A rough cut of the first block – the lino is so long, I had to make a new registration board for it.


And I had to print one end first, turn the block around and pass it through the press again…..


I hadn’t got too far before I realised the road surface was too dark and needed to be cut away.


The first few proofs are not working out the way I’d hoped – this is going to be a bit tricky.


Back to the beginning –  I think I’ll try green instead on the first block, followed by pale yellow.


Third block is finally printed – this is turning out to be a printmaking marathon. I want a medal…


You know things aren’t going well when the note taking gets out of control.


The number of trial proofs is multiplying – but the colours are coming together now.


So finally, all four blocks are cut and working together well.

IMG_0356 - 2014-02-05 at 12-29-36

And the finished print is called ‘The Day’s Work Done’ – possibly a little irony in there….

Gateway to the South

Gateway to the South 72

Here is my latest linocut, showing the interior of Balham Underground Station. It’s inside the north entrance at that point where you turn to go down into the ticket hall. This was a tricky subject, as I wrote in my last post, but I do like a challenge.
I’ve called it Gateway to the South, courtesy of Peter Sellers….