Yet Another Printmaking Odyssey…

While sitting in the usual queue of traffic on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel, I had an idea – what could be a nicer subject for a new linocut, than a view of the A102? If only I’d known….


So off I go, sketching out a rough plan – who knew cars were so difficult to draw?


The working drawing is coming along – did I mention all those cars? There are SO many….



A rough cut of the first block – the lino is so long, I had to make a new registration board for it.


And I had to print one end first, turn the block around and pass it through the press again…..


I hadn’t got too far before I realised the road surface was too dark and needed to be cut away.


The first few proofs are not working out the way I’d hoped – this is going to be a bit tricky.


Back to the beginning –  I think I’ll try green instead on the first block, followed by pale yellow.


Third block is finally printed – this is turning out to be a printmaking marathon. I want a medal…


You know things aren’t going well when the note taking gets out of control.


The number of trial proofs is multiplying – but the colours are coming together now.


So finally, all four blocks are cut and working together well.

IMG_0356 - 2014-02-05 at 12-29-36

And the finished print is called ‘The Day’s Work Done’ – possibly a little irony in there….