Getting Ready For The New Show

There’s the usual mild panic in the studio (or in some cases, not so mild) as we’re busy getting ready for our new London Printmakers exhibition, which is opening next week at Bankside Gallery on London’s Southbank.
We’ve decided to call it ‘Where’s the Original?‘ as that’s a question all printmakers get asked. The idea is that we try to explain how the print itself is the original and that there is no other artwork (a painting, for example) from which the print has been taken.
It seemed like a good idea at the time but it’s been more difficult than I had anticipated, trying to provide an insight into how I arrive at the finished print, and then finding a way to display it on the walls of the gallery, in a clear and visually interesting manner.

In the end, I decided to frame up a working drawing (above) and a series of printing stages (below), neither of which I’m entirely happy to inflict on anyone. Still, someone always has to suffer in the name of Art and it might as well be the viewer…..

Cleaning the Studio

 Well, I’ve had an exceptionally busy summer so far, what with one thing and another, and I’ll admit that some things have been neglected (this blog would top the list, after a social life, sleep, and fun.)

 And the studio is looking a bit of a mess – I’m sure it won’t look so bad if I go down the other end.

                    Nope, not much improvement – perhaps a little light housework is in order…..

This is my admin corner – but somehow it’s been overrun by creeping printmaking essentials/rubbish.

       To say nothing of the creeping drink cans – but at least they’re organic, I think virtuously….

        Perhaps I’ll make a start in the inks department – it is looking a little disorderly, after all…..

         That’s better – I’m wondering if the hoarding of empty ink tubes is just a little pointless?

A big sack of waste paper for the recycling bins – let’s hope the bottom doesn’t fall out when I lift it…

             And here you have it – a clean, tidy, organised space – and that’s it for another five years…