New Ashgate Gallery

I took a drive down to Farnham in Surrey the other day to deliver some prints for the New Ashgate gallery’s summer show. It’s only forty-odd miles away but, goodness me, getting out of London is such a slog – A23 south, then on to the M25 (oh joy) and then along the A3 to Guildford. Just an hour and forty minutes to you, Madam.
But never mind, it was worth it as Farnham is so pretty! Lots of lovely Georgian buildings and even a castle – I was truly smitten.
I guess if you were to live in a similar place in London, it would cost you many millions of pounds – Hampstead perhaps? For the first time in my life, I really started to seriously consider the benefits of moving out of London – must be my age…
Anyway, this is what I have on show there, if anyone is in the area.