Here We Go Again…..

One new lino block, with the line drawing transferred and ready for cutting……

A few hours later and the block is starting to take shape……..

And the pile of lino clippings grows ever larger…..

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…..

  1. I use an indelible marker pen as the line doesn't disappear subsequently when I clean the blocks.
    I take a lot of proofs, cutting a little more off each block as I go, and it's useful to see what I'm doing.
    Of course, this means I have to carefully transfer the drawing on to each of the four lino blocks, which can be a bit tedious.
    Another way would be to off-set the first block (if all the detail has been cut on to it) but the registration isn't so precise.
    Sorry, Jacqui, that's probably more information than you were looking for!

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