London Lives Exhibition

I am among the 100 artists whose London themed work (City of Gold shown left) is showing at the Bankside Gallery, close to Tate Modern, in September. The exhibition has been organised by the gallery, Network Rail and Cass Art with the support of the Guardian newspaper.

One work from the exhibition will be selected to be shown on hoardings across Blackfriars Bridge while the new Thames-spanning Blackfriars railway station is being built. My linocut, First Light at Farringdon, has also been on the bridge for the past year – I wrote about it here

London Lives, Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, from 9-19 September
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Back to work

Well, summer is over – the kids are going back to school and I’m back at work, contemplating getting on with some serious printmaking.
Those sunlit memories of weeks slowly drifting by in Devon and Norfolk are fading fast but not to worry!
After all, I now have lots of other things to look forward to – looming deadlines with complimentary panic attacks, freezing cold hands, dark afternoons, rickets…..