Balham Station Linocut – Progress Report



First, the working drawing…..


Then a spot of cutting…..

Inking up the first block…..


More cutting, this time it’s the second block……


Second block now printed – and (I suspect you may be ahead of me here) yet more cutting….


Three of the four blocks now cut…..


The third block is printed – some proofs to agonize over pointlessly….


Tools at the ready, fourth block awaiting – and yet more cutting, sigh…


Fourth block printed and none of the proofs look quite right. Time to cut and paste….


So I’m going back to the beginning – first block printed again, with some adjustments.

And there you have it – three weeks of my life that I’m never going to get back……

4 thoughts on “Balham Station Linocut – Progress Report

  1. Hello Gail, I'm a novice printmaker and a big fan of your work. Thanks for putting up posts like this, they are really helpful when you are learning as they show the process so clearly.

    Best wishes, Anne

  2. Hey Gail, I'm a rubber stamp maker trying to start print-making on a bigger scale. Just wanna say that I love your blog and your art. I live in Stockholm now and have been making art related to the city, and seeing your prints of the London metro is really inspiring:) Keep up the good work!

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