Day 11- Four Versions of Liverpool Street Station

Today I’ve mostly been staring at these four different proofs. They’ve been stuck up on the studio wall and I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that none of them are working (in other words, they’re all horrible). Not only that, but I’ve completely lost sight of what I was aiming for.
Still, I do like a challenge and so I’ve decided to do one last batch this week. And if they’re still unresolved  – well, I may have to go and work at Tesco’s….

4 thoughts on “Day 11- Four Versions of Liverpool Street Station

  1. Thanks John – I like the figures in the green version too but, as you say, the train roof has become a bright yellow streak which isn't right. It's always the way – some parts work but then the rest doesn't….

  2. Absolutely, Anna – the proofs all look very appealing when grouped together like that but of course, when you consider each one individually, none of them are quite right.
    Pleased you like the design – I am very happy with it, which is why I'm having yet another go with the colours…

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