Day 14 – Nearly There (At least I hope so)

In the end, I decided to print in two tones of the same colour on the third block, in order to get some more depth. The trouble with using the same colour all over was that, in order for the yellow on the platform to create a strong light effect, by comparison the yellow in the little arched windows at the back was far too strong and kept jumping forward.
So I used a slightly denser yellow (lemon yellow, olive green and some white) on the top and bottom sections, and just added more white to the middle section.
Anyway, I have three slightly different versions of this proof, on which to experiment with the last colour – I sort of wish I had thirty….

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Nearly There (At least I hope so)

  1. Really enjoying watching the day-to-day progress and angst of your studio life, fascinating and enlightening. The prints are so much more interesting for seeing what goes into the process.

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