From Sketch to Finished Linocut….

                                        It all starts so innocently with a page from my sketchbook…

                                                       Working on the prep drawing……

                                               Two weeks later, the finished prep drawing…….

                              Tracing the drawing and transferring it to each of the four lino blocks.

                                                    Many, many huge piles of lino cuttings later…….

                                                   The first block is cut and ready to print….

                                                                 And the second…..

                                      And this is the proof with the third block printed….

                                      Finally this is the finished print – Poetry of Departures.

                                  And here it is framed up and ready to go. Never again, I tell you.

6 thoughts on “From Sketch to Finished Linocut….

  1. Not really, Em – I usually start with a darkish colour, then a pale-ish neutral and finish with a couple of glazes.
    Other than that, it's a question of experimenting – I have been known to print twenty or more proofs before I'm happy with the colours….

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