Spring Cleaning the Studio

I spent the last couple of days before the Easter break cleaning and tidying the studio. Well, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.
After carefully looking around to make sure that nobody else was waiting patiently with mop and bucket at the ready, I had to assume that the person doing the cleaning was going to be me.
And doesn’t it all pile up? I have a perfectly good sized space to work in but somehow, while my back was turned, several hundred frames and several thousand sheets of paper and card muscled their way in. Well, I might be exaggerating a bit here (but not by much).
And then there’s all the rubbish – discarded proofs, empty ink tubes, dirty rags, lino clippings – oh dear, I really can’t go on.
Still, as I kept telling myself brightly, whilst covered from top to toe in dust and grime, it was definitely going to look fabulous when it was finished.
Funnily enough though, it all looks much the same as when I started. Why is that?

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