New London Bridge Linocut (at last)

To my shock, and if I’m honest, some horror too, I realised that I’d started writing about the progress of this ‘new’ linocut nearly two months ago.
I got as far as talking about planning the print here, starting work on the first block here and posting a photo of pulling a proof of it here. I thought it was all going rather well.
Then I made the usual mistake of opening my plan chest drawer and casting an ever so slightly critical eye over my last editioned print, of Liverpool Street Station.
And yes, before I knew it, I was back to wrestling with the wretched thing – for what felt like at least a year but probably wasn’t…
Consequently it all went a bit quiet on the London Bridge Station front, until I finally managed to get back to working on it again.
And here’s the result – just need a title now….

2 thoughts on “New London Bridge Linocut (at last)

  1. I love the feeling this gives, of light, space and a sort-of cheery glow. It's so bright and happy!
    London Bridge Station must be the nicest station in London…

  2. Thanks Lizzie – I was pleased with the colours too.
    London Bridge Station is one of my favorite London stations but alas, the Victorian roof has just been dismantled and a new 'improved' contemporary one is being put up in it's place. That's progress, sadly….

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