The Big Move

So it’s goodbye to Brixton and hello to West Dulwich.
After many years, Half Moon Studio is relocating to a 1930’s ex-factory building a couple of miles away.
And if that sounds like a simple operation, believe me, it hasn’t been. Several tons of printing presses have had to be moved -five of them, to be precise. In addition, there are several more tons of associated equipment – sinks, acid baths, paper drying racks, aquatint cupboard, metal guillotine, work tables, plan chests, etc.,- some of which have had to be winched out through the first floor window, straight onto the very busy Coldharbour Lane.
Not to mention, of course, the several hundred frames, several thousand sheets of paper, several million tubes of ink. Alright, I might be exaggerating here (but not by much).
And then there was all the rubbish – oh dear, I can’t go on.
Still, as we keep telling ourselves brightly whilst covered in dust and grime, it’s all going to be much better at the new place……

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