New Print

This is the final proof of my new linocut – it’s called West End Girl – and as usual I’m wondering if it’s okay or whether it needs some more work. Perhaps it lacks a little sparkle?
I really do hope it’s not back to the drawing board….

9 thoughts on “New Print

  1. That's so true, Colin.
    I made the mistake of comparing this print to a previous one that has an orange glaze, and now this one now looks a little dull.
    And the colour I'm thinking of adding is, of course, a bright yellow….

  2. Knew it!! I always associate your prints with a warm nostalgic glow and this one does seem cold and wintry for you. So where are you thinking of placing the yellow (bright)? How will it affect the previous colours?

  3. I thought I might cut some sections out of the last block (light blue), removing them completely.
    Then I could drop in some new bits, inked up in the yellow.
    I really don't want to have to cut another whole block for such little amounts…..
    If it all goes quiet on the subject in the next couple of weeks, well, you'll know it all went horribly wrong!

  4. Sounds like pretty major surgery! Are you sure it's necessary? Is it a big print with scope for cutting and pasting? I've never tried that – too daunting for me I think. I will be intrigued to see the results though..

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