Giving It Another Go….(Part Two)

I’ve just printed the second block, in a strong red – a mixture of scarlet and crimson.
Now I have to decide whether to add the bright yellow glaze to selected areas on the third block (cream) or to selected areas on the fourth block (pale blue).
If I add the yellow glaze to the third block, I will end up with some pale greens. (As once I’ve printed the pale blue of the fourth block onto that new yellow glaze of the third block, that’s what I’ll get.)
I’m not sure I want any green – and I could avoid it by adding the yellow glaze onto sections of the fourth block, where it will sit alongside the blue, instead of under it.
This of course means less variations in terms of the whole colour scheme. Hmm……

2 thoughts on “Giving It Another Go….(Part Two)

  1. Now I had no idea you were working with multiple blocks! I thought you were a reduction print girl. Those big prints must cost a fair bit to do – how many in your editions? How do you transfer the image accurately onto the 4 blocks? How do you register the blocks? I use different methods depending on the size of the print – interested to hear your working method…

  2. No, I can't do the reduction method – I change my mind too much!
    The big prints cost a lot as the lino blocks measure 70 x 40cms, not to mention all the paper and inks involved.
    Editions are 75 – I would like to do less but I can't afford to as all the costs in making a new print are loaded at the beginning(time spent and materials used in the sometimes endless proofing).
    By the way, if you're interested, I did a how-to last year starting on July 10th- if you start on that date, it gives you a run- through of my working method….

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