Giving It Another Go….(Part Three)

After a hard day faffing around in the studio, I finally decided to print up the third block in cream exactly as I had done in the original version.
This means I have cleverly avoided making a decision on introducing a new colour until I print the last block (i.e. leaving it until the last moment, as usual.)
I have a few options:
a) Just leave the print as it was – I can print up the final block in the original light blue and have a few extra copies of the original print (very tempting, this one).
b) Carry on with the master plan and insert some yellow into the final pale blue block, with the added bonus of many more hours of fine-tuning, the results of which most people won’t be able to see with the naked eye.
c) Forget printing the last block with the pale blue and replace it entirely with the yellow glaze.
d) Go and work at Tesco’s.

3 thoughts on “Giving It Another Go….(Part Three)

  1. Oh decisions, decisions! It's looking good so far. Have you got 75 of the "Blue" version? There really was nothing wrong with it – just unseasonably chilly looking. Think I'd be tempted to leave well alone as my Gran used to say.
    Do not let the lure of Tesco staff discount lead you astray

  2. I haven't started editioning the print yet – and when I do, I will only print ten or so at a time, as and when needed.
    I think I will split the last block into two sections, one half inked up in blue and the other half in yellow – if it doesn't work, I'll just reinstate them…
    They have a staff discount at Tesco? Now that is tempting….

  3. Ah, comprimise! The refuge of the indecisive – I live there most of the time I think. Will it be a top/bottom or left/right split? The suspense is killing me…
    Damn, I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the staff discount. Stay strong and resist!!

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