Giving It Another Go….(The End)

Here is the final block, inked up in pale blue and a thin yellow glaze. In the end, I decided to cut it up into sections so that each area could be inked up separately – then I could just push it back together again for printing.
I probably should have cut another block entirely for the yellow but I felt it was important to get the print completed this year.


Anyway, here is the final version with the barely visible alterations.
Still, I’m happy with it now- and thanks to all of you who took the trouble to comment on my progress. It’s not easy to view your work with any detachment, especially when you’d been under the impression that you’d finished it once before…..


3 thoughts on “Giving It Another Go….(The End)

  1. Well done you! It is a very subtle difference, but definitely warms it up. I admire your perseverance – you don't like making life easy for yourself, do you?
    Can't wait to follow your next adventure in lino… or do you need a rest now?

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