Day 6 – How Not to Leave Well Alone……

I’ve decided to give the new London Bridge linocut a bit of a rest for now and I’m back to wrestling with the Liverpool Street Station one.
I remember that I was quite happy with it before Christmas but not anymore. So, I’m just doing a bit more cutting and some tiny colour adjustments. A little light tinkering should do the trick…..
I wonder if I’m suffering from some sort of delusional disorder?

Day 4 – Cutting the First Block

So this view is of London Bridge train station, currently being torn apart in the name of progress. Network Rail in their wisdom have decided to take this beautiful Victorian roof down and replace it with (and I quote directly here) “An eye catching roof-scape, made up of undulating canopies”. Oh dear.
And alas, you won’t be able to see this panorama again either, as the old footbridge between the platforms will be replaced by underground tunnels.
Anyway I’ve had the drawing for this linocut ready for a while now and thought I’d better get going with it as quick as possible – a last hurrah for poor London Bridge Station…..

Day 3 – Planning For Next Week

This afternoon I’ve been getting to grips with the colour separations of my next linocut (it’s of my favourite station, London Bridge). I find it helpful to get the basic areas sorted out in advance, as I like to see an even distribution of colour over the whole print.
Of course what’s really exciting is what happens when the inks overlay one another – all sorts of unexpected colour combinations start appearing like magic. Using four colours will guarantee lots of surprises (and, let’s be honest here, the odd shock too).
Tomorrow I start the cutting….

A Photo A Day for February

I’ve had an idea (yes, I know, make the most of it). I thought I might post a photo on my blog every day this month – of the studio, work in progress, the odd private view, etc. And as February is the shortest month, that would mean I’d only need to do 28 posts.
Actually, that’s quite a lot, put like that. Perhaps it should be more a case of posting every day until I get bored. So just the six posts then….