London Bridge

I do love the view from the far end of platforms 1-6 at London Bridge. The only problem is that it’s so busy – I have 26 little people in this new linocut. What was I thinking?
Actually, there were a few more in the working drawing but I rubbed them out – as in art, not mafia – although I guess it amounts to the same thing.
I’m halfway through now and still wondering if I should have chosen a quieter station…

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On camera

So I had this rather brilliant idea – why not ask my middle son to make another film of me working at a linocut in the studio? Only this time I would actually speak some words (preferably wise ones) to camera.
Well, all I can say is it’s been a rather difficult few days. Who knew I had a voice like a guinea pig squeaking? Or that my hair looks like a bird’s nest from the back. And just don’t mention my elbows. Or my nose….
Anyway, putting aside my battered vanity, here’s a short excerpt:

Urban beauty

So here is my latest linocut – a view of the Croydon Underpass. I know it’s not particularly impressive but I’ve always been fond of it as a typical piece of sixties municipal architecture.
Even the Wikipedia entry is modest – the most they manage is to say is that it’s quite near to that other neglected gem, the Croydon Flyover.
Anyway, as I’d found this one a bit tricky, I decided to give the Vehicular Art a bit of a rest.
Until the other day, that is, when I saw a very promising stretch of the South Circular….



Great prizes to be won at National Original Print Exhibition – including an editorial in Printmaking Today and £1000 award from the Chelsea Arts Club. Plus a chance to exhibit at Bankside Gallery, right next door to Tate Modern, on London’s Southbank…
Submission ends at 6pm TODAY!!

Wrestling with cars

Lately I’ve come to realise that cars and caravans (especially caravans) are boring, ugly and completely devoid of any elegance.
I have had – and you may be ahead of me here – a difficult few weeks wrestling with my Croydon Underpass linocut but I think I’m ready to edition it now. At last…

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