New Print – Progress Proof

This is a quick photo (sorry about the flash) taken of the three blocks printed together, using purple (instead of the original brown), pale blue-grey, and crimson (instead of the original scarlet). The last block has now been cut and I’ll probably print it in yellow and/or orange.
I did think it might be interesting to chart the progress of a linocut being made but actually it’s been a bit repetitive.
Well, I guess I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…..

New Linocut- Exodus

A truly terrible photo of my new linocut, Exodus, depicting platform 8 at Kings Cross train station. Measuring 70cms x 40 cms, it is the biggest size my old Albion Press can print.
The bed size is double crown – not sure what that means exactly -but I do wonder if I could customize it to print a longer block, by taking the tympan off and having a longer support extending out to the side, to carry the extra length of lino and paper.
Once I have printed one end, I could turn the whole thing around and feed it through so the other end get printed too .
Mind you, I’m not sure there’s much of a market for two metre long linocuts…..

London Bridge Station

Starting a new print today, of London Bridge station – the side to the right, with its huge iron canopy – and it’s therefore likely to be quite complex.
I did a lot of quick drawings standing halfway up the walkway steps, that take you through to the other platforms, and that angle has provided me with an amazing panorama.
Although the finished work will be 70cms x 40 cms, large for a linocut, a lot of the detail will still need to be simplified, or even discarded all together.
I also want a crowd of passengers to be milling around on the main platform, which will bring its own problems – that sort of detail is difficult with the lino as it is generally thought more suitable for broad swathes of colour with simple blocks of composition. Still, a train station with no people has no life so I’m giving it a go.
Anyway, watch this space….