New Linocut, Second Thoughts…

Here is the first rough proof of my new linocut of Liverpool Street Station (dreadful image courtesy of my iPhone). The top skylight and the platforms are left in pale yellow…

And here is the second proof, with the top skylight in blue and the platforms knocked back a bit. I thought I liked it better but now I’m not so sure. I may be back to it after the New Year. Sigh….

Another Epic Printmaking Tale

                       I would like to have called this post ‘Destruction, Suffering and Redemption’
                      (or to put it another way, ‘I Don’t Know What Gets Into Me, Really I Don’t….’)
                                                          So anyway, here goes…..

                           Above is the original version of my linocut ‘Destination Anywhere’.

                    The first block, which was originally printed in dark blue, but now is turquoise….

      The second block stays red but I feel the figures need shadows to stop them floating in mid-air …


                         In that case, there’s nothing for it but to cut a whole new second block…

Moving on, I decide that the fourth and final block should move up the printing order to third place.                  So here it is inked up, in what is now pale yellow but was originally orange….

             At this point I decide I’d quite like a pale yellow sky too and so I remove the original       
           sky area and glue in a new section. Then I have to cut out the detail to match the rest….

     And finally here is the last block with a big 4 written on it, to remind myself that it is not now the               third block printed in pale yellow but the fourth block printed in pale blue……

  And here is the new version – I’m not sure if it was all worth it or not but I should be able to tell once I’ve been released from the sanitorium…

RE Diploma Work

When I was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) this print was chosen as my Diploma Work. It’s called Rush Hour (linocut, 29 x 52cms.) Apologies for the quality of the image – it’s a bit dark unfortunately.
The RE holds annual elections at Bankside Gallery, London, for artists who would like to join the Society and enjoy the benefits of being a member. Candidates are asked submit a completed application form plus CV and portfolio of prints and drawings/sketchbooks, usually in January each year.
Applicants’ works are assessed by a jury of Society members and usually between 3 and 6 artists are elected from some 40-50 submissions each year. Elected members must pay an annual fee, which helps to cover gallery costs.
If you are interested in applying, you can download the application form here .

City of Gold

Just to say that the London Printmakers‘ exhibition at the Oxo gallery on the Southbank is only on for another week – the last day is Sunday 22nd May. Opening hours are every day from 11-6, admission free.
I have a few copies of City of Gold available at the show, if anyone is interested in acquiring one, but – I’m pleased to say – the edition is selling out fast…

New Print and Proofs

Here are three proofs of my latest print. Looking at them, they don’t seem particularly different but I guess I do a lot of forward planning – once the blocks are cut, they can’t take a lot of tinkering with, although I do try. Here is a post on my repair kit…..

And below is the finished print, in case you couldn’t tell. (And if you prefer one of the earlier proofs, then please don’t mention it….)

London Lives Exhibition

I am among the 100 artists whose London themed work (City of Gold shown left) is showing at the Bankside Gallery, close to Tate Modern, in September. The exhibition has been organised by the gallery, Network Rail and Cass Art with the support of the Guardian newspaper.

One work from the exhibition will be selected to be shown on hoardings across Blackfriars Bridge while the new Thames-spanning Blackfriars railway station is being built. My linocut, First Light at Farringdon, has also been on the bridge for the past year – I wrote about it here

London Lives, Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, from 9-19 September
more info