Giving It Another Go….(Part Two)

I’ve just printed the second block, in a strong red – a mixture of scarlet and crimson.
Now I have to decide whether to add the bright yellow glaze to selected areas on the third block (cream) or to selected areas on the fourth block (pale blue).
If I add the yellow glaze to the third block, I will end up with some pale greens. (As once I’ve printed the pale blue of the fourth block onto that new yellow glaze of the third block, that’s what I’ll get.)
I’m not sure I want any green – and I could avoid it by adding the yellow glaze onto sections of the fourth block, where it will sit alongside the blue, instead of under it.
This of course means less variations in terms of the whole colour scheme. Hmm……

Painting and Printmaking

I’ve been painting madly for my solo show at Cambridge Contemporary Art , which is going up in a couple of weeks.
It’s been quite solitary, working away on my own, and so I’ve been pleased to get back into the studio and make a start on a new linocut.
I find it useful to alternate painting with printmaking – each informs and compliments the other and keeps the work fresh…..

New Print and Proofs

Here are three proofs of my latest print. Looking at them, they don’t seem particularly different but I guess I do a lot of forward planning – once the blocks are cut, they can’t take a lot of tinkering with, although I do try. Here is a post on my repair kit…..

And below is the finished print, in case you couldn’t tell. (And if you prefer one of the earlier proofs, then please don’t mention it….)

Cutting the Blocks

Somehow, I can find a lot to interest me when I’m cutting my printing blocks – for instance, delicate little curls of lino appear from the thin lines on a skyscraper and great thick wedges from clearing large areas like the sky. It’s really quite….. ok, I admit it, things have been a bit slow today.